Nov 14 2014

How to Change Disk Status From Reserved to Online on Windows

Category: VMware,WindowsFatih Acar @ 18:02

I took a clone backup for windows failover cluster system from vmware system which used raw disks. Raw disks automatically converted to vmdk disk via vmware. I restored this clone backup as new standalone server. I started system but my disks were reserved status and I could not use these. I implemented below steps to convert disk status from reserved to online.



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Sep 18 2014

Error: Cluster Disk 1 Does Not Support Persistent Reservations.

Category: VMware,WindowsFatih Acar @ 15:21

While I was installing Windows Failover Cluster system, I got an error like “Cluster Disk 1 does not support persistent reservations.”. If you are attempting to set up a Cluster in a Single Host, and the shared disk (or disks) for the cluster is RDM (Raw Device Mapping, or Raw Disk Mapping), in Physical Compatibility Mode. If this is the case, you can either change the disks to Virtual Compatibility mode, or if you wish to use Physical Compatibility Mode, the cluster nodes must be on different hosts. My case was that.

Other Cause For This Error

  • If the storage array is not configured correctly to support SCSI-3 compliant commands.
  • A third-party plug-in is interfering with the SCSI reservation process (such as the PowerPath/VE PSA).
  • If virtual machines are running under the MSCS configuration on two separate ESX/ESXi hosts, and the .vmdk files are on a VMFS datastore which is configured as physical bus sharing mode.

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