Unified Auditing in Oracle 12c

Unified Auditing is new audit feature came with Oracle 12c version. You have to do enable Unified Auditing to use after install database. Unified Auditing come as disabled by default. In previous releases of Oracle Database, there were separate audit trails for individual components: SYS.AUD$ for the database audit trail, SYS.FGA_LOG$ for fine-grained auditing, DVSYS.AUDIT_TRAIL$ […]

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PostgreSQL Hot Standby (Streaming Replication) Database Installation and Failover Operations

PostgreSQL has few feature for standby technology. I generally use streaming replication. This is very easy and confident. Streaming replication use a replication user for replication operations.Streaming replication allows a standby server to stay more up-to-date than is possible with file-based log shipping. The standby connects to the primary, which streams WAL records to the […]

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Oracle 11g R2 Resize Redo Log Size on Data Guard and Primary Database

Sometimes, you may need to change redo log size to perform optimum size for performance. If you want to change redo log size of both standby side and primary side, you can use below commands. Current Status Of Redo Logs Primary Side SQL> select group#,sum(bytes/1024/1024)”Size in MB” from v$log group by group#; GROUP# Size in […]

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Oracle 11g R2 Open Data Guard Read Write Mode With Flashback Technology And Revert Restore Point

You can use flashback technology on standby side. If you want to make application test on database, you can use data guard as read write mode temporarily with flashback technology. You can create a restore point on standby side then you can do any transaction on standby side to test or any other purpose. After […]

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Oracle 11g R2 Data Guard Manual Switchover Steps

You can use the same steps to switchover for single data guard or multiple data guard configuration. Switchover operation will convert primary side to data guard and data guard to primary side. You have to control listeners whether it is running before switchover steps. Switchover Steps Primary Side SQL> alter system archive log current; SQL> […]

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Oracle 11g R2 Multi Real Time Apply Data Guard Configuration Steps

Oracle 11g R2 database supports multi standby database structure up to 30 standby databases. We can use remote destinations for real time apply standby structures with todays network technologies. If your remote destination network is not good, you can use archivelog apply for remote destination with some delay. System informations are like below. System Informations […]

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Oracle 11g R2 Cascade Standby Data Guard Installation and Configuration Steps

Oracle 11g R2 database supports cascade standby database structure. If you are using RAC on primary side, your database version has to be least to support cascade standby structure. You can use to reduce the load on your primary database with using cascade standby database structure. Primary database redo is written to the standby […]

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How to Create Linked Server From SQL Server To SQL Server Database

You can connect another SQL Server database or different type database from SQL Server database with Linked Server feature. You can use below operations to create new linked server for SQL Server database to SQL Server database. Create Linked Server Steps Create a user on remote database to use connection and give permission on which […]

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Obtain Surname, Last Name and Mid Name From Full Name in Oracle

If you have a column with full name data and you want to split this data, you can use below function to split operation. Split Name ve Surname Table : test Data1 : Emin Fatih Acar Data2 : Fatih Acar SQL> select fullname, substr(fullname,0,instr(fullname,’ ‘,Instr(fullname,’ ‘,-1))-1) name, substr(fullname,Instr(fullname,’ ‘,-1)+1) surname from test; Result: Data1 name […]

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SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Groups Insallation and Configuration

Always On Availability Group is a new feature in SQL Server Database with 2012 release. Before this feature, we was using database mirroring feature in SQL Server 2005. But, mirroring has some limitations and weaknesses. and mirroring feature will be disabled near future. AlwaysOn Availability Groups Features Multi or Single Database Failovers Multiple Secondaries Active […]

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