Configure Default full-text language Parameter Server Configuration in SQL Server 2016

You can change default full-text language server configuration option in SQL Server 2016 by using SQL Server Management Studio or Transact-SQL. default full-text language option specifies a default language value for full-text indexes. Linguistic analysis is performed on all data that is full-text indexed and is dependent on the language of the data. The default value of […]

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How to Create Linked Server From SQL Server To SQL Server Database

You can connect another SQL Server database or different type database from SQL Server database with Linked Server feature. You can use below operations to create new linked server for SQL Server database to SQL Server database. Create Linked Server Steps Create a user on remote database to use connection and give permission on which […]

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How to Find Required Missing Indexes For Performance Tuning in SQL Server Database

Indexes play vital role for performance tuning on database systems. When you adjust correct indexes on tables, queries can run faster. Otherwise, a proper index can improve the performance and a bad index can hamper the performance. You can find missing indexes with below query. But, result of the query do not mean that you […]

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MsSQL Server 2012 Availability Groups (AG) Manual Failover

If primary side of Availability Groups (AG) is down and can not be online, you can perform failover operation. When primary side is down, probably, you can see state of Availability Groups at the secondary side like below. Failover Steps If you get an error after click Failover button, probably your AG has a problem. […]

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MsSQL Server 2012 Availability Groups (AG) Force Manual Failover

When you can not access primary side of AG and you can not run failover on second side (disaster side), you can perform force manual failover operation on second side. You have to know that force manual failover operation can cause loss data which is able to last some database operation. Failover State When primary […]

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SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Groups Insallation and Configuration

Always On Availability Group is a new feature in SQL Server Database with 2012 release. Before this feature, we was using database mirroring feature in SQL Server 2005. But, mirroring has some limitations and weaknesses. and mirroring feature will be disabled near future. AlwaysOn Availability Groups Features Multi or Single Database Failovers Multiple Secondaries Active […]

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MsSQL Server Unknown Server Hostname Problem Solution

When you try to connect MsSQL Server database, you can get an error that is Unknown Server Hostname or similar sometimes. You can resolve this problem with a few operation. Suggest If you use SERVERNAME\INSTANCENAME statement, you can try SERVERNAME;instance=INSTANCENAME statement 7,537 total views, no views today

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How to Move Datafiles to New Disk in MsSQL Server 2008

If database data disk space is full or you have another problem about of disk, you can move datafiles to new disk in MsSQL Server 2008 database. Show Current Paths and Names use master go select name,physical_name from sys.master.files where database_id = DB_ID(‘DATABASENAME’) dbf1 D:\OLDLOCATION\disk_1.mdf dbf1_log D:\OLDLOCATION\disk1_log.ldf go Shutdown Database use master go alter database […]

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SQL Server Reporting Service Start Error 1053 The Service Did Not Respond

Error Reporting Server Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion. Solution 5,731 total views, 4 views today

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How to Enable Agent XPs in MsSQL Server 2008 (Agent Xps Disabled)

I upgraded MsSQL database version from MsSQL Server 2008 Express Edition to MsSQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition. After upgrade operation, Agent XPs was disabled and MsSQL Server Agent servis could not start. I reconfigured Agent XPs configuration. The problem resolved. Management Studio Object Explorer does not display the contents of the SQL Server Agent node […]

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