Nov 13 2014

Add New Datafile to Tablespace With Brtools for Sap System

Category: SAP BasisFatih Acar @ 11:38

If you want to extend tablespace size when using sap system, you should use brtools to add datafile. You can add new datafiles with below brtools operation.

Show All Tablespaces


Add New Datafile With Brtools

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Nov 11 2014

How to Add or Remove Java Server Process to SAP Java Instance

Category: SAP BasisFatih Acar @ 11:45

The server processes of the J2EE Engine actually execute the J2EE application. Each server process is multi-threaded, and can therefore process a large number of requests simultaneously. The Java Dispatcher assigns requests to the server processes. You can want to increase java server processes.

Component of Server Process

  • Communication handler
  • Session level services
  • Application-level services or the actual application program.


If you need to add more server processes to an existing Java instance, you can do that manually using the Config Tool.
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Oct 25 2014

SAP Java Stack License Update

Category: SAP BasisFatih Acar @ 15:55

You can install new license with SAP NWA (NetWeaver Administrator).

Java Stack Slicense
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Oct 20 2014

Background Job Not Released as Periodic in SAP PI RWB Errors

Category: Errors and Solutions,SAP BasisFatih Acar @ 17:03

I got errors about of background jobs not scheduled in SAP PI rwb interface. I resolved this problems with create background jobs with SM36 TCode.



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Mar 13 2014

User Types in SAP

Category: SAP BasisFatih Acar @ 10:37

The SAP system categorizes users into several types for different purposes as shown in the table below:

Type Purpose
Dialog Individual, interactive system access.
System Background processing and communication within a system (such as RFC users for ALE, Workflow, TMS, and CUA).
Communication Dialog-free communication for external RFC calls.
Service Dialog user available to a larger, anonymous group of users.
Reference General, non-person related users that allows the assignment of additional identical authorizations, such as for Internet users created with transaction SU01. No logon is possible.

Source : SAP Offical Documents

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Feb 12 2014

Create DB Connection From SAP to External Databases

Category: SAP BasisFatih Acar @ 15:16

That scenario is required that we need to fetch data from the customer’s existing third party application. For example the customer is having some websites where the enquiries are being stored. Or The company employees who are on tour log their requests for leave in the portal. In such case we may have to provide an interface between their existing application to the upcoming SAP system. It is possible that the system is using a different database altogather. So in that situation how a connectivity is established between the SAP database and External Application database.

You can create connection to external database with below processes.

1 – Connection check from SAP to External Database

You have to access external database from SAP network. You can check firewall, telnet configuration.

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Feb 04 2014

SAP Security Audit Log Activation

Category: SAP Basis,System SecurityFatih Acar @ 14:52

As of Release 4.0, you can use the Security Audit Log to record security-related system information such as changes to user master records or unsuccessful logon attempts. This log is a tool designed for auditors who need to take a detailed look at what occurs in the SAP System. By activating the audit log, you keep a record of those activities that you specify for your audit. You can then access this information for evaluation in the form of an audit analysis report.
The Security Audit Log provides for long-term data access. The audit files are retained until you explicitly delete them. Currently, the Security Audit Log does not support the automatic archiving of the log files; however, you can manually archive them at any time.

SAP Security Audit Log

You can record the following information in the Security Audit Log

  • Successful and unsuccessful dialog logon attempts
  • Successful and unsuccessful RFC logon attempts
  • RFC calls to function modules
  • Changes to user master records
  • Successful and unsuccessful transaction starts
  • Changes to the audit configuration

SAP Security Audit Log Activation Steps

1 – Create Profile

Tcode > SM19

SAP Security Audit Log 1

SAP Security Audit Log 1

SAP Security Audit Log 2

SAP Security Audit Log 2

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Jan 28 2014

Mail Server Create in SAP

Category: SAP BasisFatih Acar @ 15:50

You can create a smtp mail server in SAP and you can send e-mail in SAP System.

Step by step mail server configuration in SAP

1- Create Default Domain

Tcode > SCOT

SAP SMTP Config 1-1

SAP SMTP Config 1-1

SAP SMTP Config 1-1

SAP SMTP Config 1-1

2- Create SMTP Node

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Dec 04 2013

Change Default Login Client in SAP

Category: SAP BasisFatih Acar @ 09:43

You can change default login client. When you run SAP GUI, Interface brings default client.

Change Default Login Client

RZ10 TCode for parameters
Utilities > Import Profiles > Of Active Servers
Back (F3)
Select DEFAULT profile, Select Extended Maintenance, Click Change Button
login/system_client parameter set your default client number for example 100
Copy button
Save Button
Yes Active.

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May 23 2013

Useful SAP Basis System Administration Transactions

Category: SAP BasisFatih Acar @ 14:36


AL11 Display SAP Directories
BD54 Maintain Logical Systems
OSS1 Logon to Online Service System
SALE IMG Application Link Enabling
SARA Archive Management
SCC3 Copy Analysis Log
SCC4 Client Administration
SCC5 Client Delete
SCC7 Client Import Post-Processing
SCC8 Client Export
SCC9 Remote client copy
SCCL Local Client Copy
SCU0 Customizing Cross-System Viewer
SICK Installation Check
SM01 Lock Transactions
SM02 System Messages
SM04 User Overview
SM12 Display and Delete Locks
SM13 Display Update Records
SM14 Update Program Administration
SM21 System Log
SM35 Batch Input Monitoring
SM50 Work Process Overview
SM51 List of SAP Servers
SM56 Number Range Buffer
SM58 Asynchronous RFC Error Log
SM59 RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain)
SM66 System Wide Work Process Overview
SAINT SAP Add-on Installation Tool
SPAM SAP Patch Manager (SPAM)
SPAU Display modified DE objects
SPDD Display modified DDIC objects
ST11 Display Developer Traces
ST22 ABAP/4 Runtime Error Analysis
SU56 Analyze User Buffer

Alert Monitoring

AL01 SAP Alert Monitor
AL02 Database alert monitor
AL04 Monitor call distribution
AL05 Monitor current workload
AL16 Local Alert Monitor for Operat.Syst.
AL18 Local File System Monitor
RZ20 CCMS Monitoring

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