Oct 20 2016

MsSQL Server 2012 Availability Groups (AG) Force Manual Failover

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When you can not access primary side of AG and you can not run failover on second side (disaster side), you can perform force manual failover operation on second side. You have to know that force manual failover operation can cause loss data which is able to last some database operation.

Failover State

When primary side is down, you can see your Availability Groups and database on SQL Server Management Studio at the secondary (disaster side) like below.


Failover Cluster Manager is down. Probably, you can not see any failover cluster on Failover Cluster Manager.


Force Manual Failover

You can use the forced quorum procedure on a WSFC cluster node to override the safety controls that took the cluster offline. This effectively tells the cluster to suspend the quorum voting checks, and lets you bring the WSFC cluster resources and SQL Server back online on any of the nodes in the cluster.

You have to restart your WSFC (Quorum) with below commands.

Open a command prompt and execute below commands.

net.exe stop clussvc
net.exe start clussvc /forcequorum


Close and re-open Failover Cluster Manager. You have to see your failover cluster.


You have to see Availability Groups like below after refresh SQL Server Management Studio.


Now, you can perform failver operations like below.






You have to see your database as syncronized and AG like below after failover completed.


You can find how to install and configure MsSQL Server Availability Group here : https://www.fatihacar.com/blog/sql-server-2012-alwayson-availability-groups-insallation-and-configuration/

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