Nov 11 2014

How to Add or Remove Java Server Process to SAP Java Instance

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The server processes of the J2EE Engine actually execute the J2EE application. Each server process is multi-threaded, and can therefore process a large number of requests simultaneously. The Java Dispatcher assigns requests to the server processes. You can want to increase java server processes.

Component of Server Process

  • Communication handler
  • Session level services
  • Application-level services or the actual application program.


If you need to add more server processes to an existing Java instance, you can do that manually using the Config Tool.


Increase Java Server Process

Double Click to configtool.bat


Template level for all instance, instance level for only instance configuration in configtool tree.

Set Custom Server Process Number, and save.


Restart SAP System on MMC.



Source : SAP Offical Documents

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