Mar 17 2014

CRS-0184 Cannot Communicate With The Crs Daemon in Oracle

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I got an error like CRS-0184 on Oracle 11g RAC system, because of interconnect network is down. After network was up, CRS Daemon did not start. You can take these errors like CRS-0184, CRS-2674, CRS-4534, CRS-4530.. I resolved that problem with below operations.

CRS Stop and Start

[root@node2 ~] cd $GRID_HOME/bin
[root@node2 bin] ./crsctl stop cluster -all
[root@node2 bin] ./crsctl start cluster -all

Check CRS

[root@node2 bin] ./crsctl check crs
[root@node2 bin] ./crsctl check cluster -all
Note : All services have to be up.


Note : If Cluster Virtual IPS not received, You can run
[root@node2 ~] cd $GRID_HOME
[root@node2 ~] ./
[root@node2 ~] cd $ORACLE_HOME
[root@node2 ~] ./

Various CRS Control Commands

crs_stat -t
crsctl stop has
crsctl start has
crsctl start resource
crsctl stop resource
crsctl status server

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