Jun 16 2017

PostgreSQL 10 New Features

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PostgreSQL 10 has very good new features. In my opinion, mainly new features are Logical Replication, Improved Parallel Query, Scram Authentication, Declarative Partitioning.

Logical Replication :  PostgreSQL has had physical replication that often called streaming replication since version 9.0, but this requires replicating the entire database, cannot tolerate writes in any form on the standby server, and is useless for replicating across versions or database systems.  PostgreSQL has had logical decoding that basically change capture since version 9.4, which has been embraced with enthusiasm, but it could not be used for replication without an add-on of some sort.  PostgreSQL 10 adds logical replication which is very easy to configure and which works at table granularity, clearly a huge step forward.  It will copy the initial data for you and then keep it up to date after that.

Improved Parallel Query : While PostgreSQL 9.6 offers parallel query, this feature has been significantly improved in PostgreSQL 10, with new features like Parallel Bitmap Heap Scan, Parallel Index Scan, and others.  Speedups of 2-4 x are common with parallel query, and these enhancements should allow those speedups to happen for a wider variety of queries.

SCRAM Authentication :  PostgreSQL offers a remarkable variety of different authentication methods, including methods such as Kerberos, SSPI, and SSL certificate authentication, which are intended to be highly secure.  However, sometimes users just want to use passwords managed by the PostgreSQL server itself.  In existing releases, this can be done either using the passwordauthentication type, which just sends the user-supplied password over the wire, or via the md5authentication type, which sends a hashed and salted version of the password over the wire.  In the latter approach, stealing the hashed password from the database or sniffing it on the wire is equivalent to stealing the password itself, even if you can’t compute a preimage.  PostgreSQL 10 introduces scram authentication, specifically SCRAM-SHA-256, which is much more secure.  Neither the information which the server stores on disk nor the contents of an authentication exchange suffice for the server to impersonate the client.  Of course, the substitution of SHA-256 for MD5 is also a substantial improvement. One point to note is that, unless you are using libpq, you will not be able to use this feature unless your particular client driver has been updated with SCRAM support, so it may be a while before this feature is universally available.

Declarative Partitioning : In previous versions of PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL supported only table inheritance, which could be used to simulate table partitioning, but it was complicated to set up and the performance characteristics were not that great.  In PostgreSQL 10, it’s possible to do list or range partitioning using dedicated syntax, and INSERT performance has been greatly improved.

Also, you can look other new features from here.


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