Dec 23 2014

RMAN Encrypt Backup in Oracle

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You can protect your backups with rman encryption. You have three ways to rman backup encryption. You can use wallet, password or dual mode. I will tell you password protection.

Configure RMAN Backups With Password Protection

rman target /
RMAN> set encryption on identified by ‘yourpassword’ only;

You can backup with backup database command. Do not need to change any backup script.

You can change encryption algorithm on RMAN Configuration.

Show Encryption Algorithm

SQL> select algorithm_id, algorithm_name, algorithm_description, is_default from v$rman_encryption_algorithms;

Change Encryption Algorithm

RMAN> show encryption algorithm;
RMAN>configure encryption algorithm ‘AES256’;

If you want to restore from encrypt backup, you can use below decrypt backup.

Decrypt RMAN Backup

RMAN> set decryption identified by ‘yourpassword’;

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